Happy Birthday to Joel Winspear, My Father

Happy Birthday to Joel Winspear, My Father

Dad and I Wedding

The man ultimately responsible for my time on this earth turns 60 years old today!

The farthest back that I can remember is when I was 4 years old.  Before that, it’s all just a blur.  My dad was 36 years old when I was 4 years old.  He wasn’t much different back then as he is now.  He has been the most consistent person throughout my entire life.  I owe a lot of who I am today to my father.

Looking back on it all now, it’s insane to think that he and my mom had 5 kids.  We each took our turns at putting him through hell.  I’m sure that we are the cause of any gray hairs and or wrinkles.  How he puts up with us sometimes, I have no idea.

The two of us have not always met eye to eye on things, but in the end, that was me just being a stubborn teenager and him being the same old genuine guy that he has always been.  As I have grown older, I have gained more and more respect for my dad.  The respect was always there, but my eyes just weren’t always open to it.  As I have learned more about life, I have come to realize that my father has helped me through a lot of it.

How anyone supports 5 kids is a miracle in itself, but my dad didn’t think twice about it.  He just did it.  And, in a lot of ways, he still does.

I have to say, it’s probably my father’s fault that I have a film addiction.  But, that’s just because he was nice enough to take me and the rest of my family to the movies often.  He got us all interested at a young age, and it sort of just became a family thing.  Movies are one thing that we all have in common.

Movies are not the only things that my dad got me into.  He has always been big into sports, and that is another bug that I caught when I was just a kid.  Whether it was a basketball game, baseball game, or even soccer game, I got to see dad rooting for me in the stands.  Sometimes we would play catch or shoot hoops and those things would always make my day.

We are not a checkers family.  Our family plays chess.  In fact, the boys in my family play chess very well.  Who do you think we have to thank for that skill?  Well, my dad, of course.  My dad taught me how to play chess when I was 4 years old.  At the time, it was probably mostly because he would play with my older brothers and certainly I wanted to do whatever they were doing.

I lost hundreds of games of chess to my dad, until one day I won.  It was a big deal to me because my dad is not the type of person to let you win.  He is not going down without a fight and that is something that he instilled in us at a very young age, whether he knew it or not.  The chess games became less and less one sided and eventually I was able to win more often.  He taught me that in order to get better at something, you have to accept the challenge and learn from people that are more talented than you.  You have to face the challenge until you overcome it, and then learn from it.

The other great thing about chess that I learned from my dad, which really also applies in life, is to think a few moves ahead.  Don’t simply concentrate in the moment, but try to anticipate what the future may hold.  Once you see it, make it happen.

My strong work ethic comes from my father.  But, probably the biggest thing that he has taught me over the years is to never give up.  No matter how many times I fall, my dad taught me to get back up, and get back up swinging.

Dad, I am proud to call you my father.  You have been a great friend in my life.  I love you and I hope that your birthday is the best that it can be.

Happy 60th Birthday Dee-Dah!



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  1. Really nice tribute to an important person in your life.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your farther 🙂

  3. Wow…that is special!

  4. Brock its nice to see you have your father back in your life..nice thing to do for him.

  5. happy b-day Brock’s Dad!

    Great tribute to him

  6. Joel has always been a strong man. I grew up near your family. This is a beautiful tribute.

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