Flight (2012)

Flight poster

Flight (2012)

Flight transports you into the depths of a dark and lonely place only to bring you back feeling better about it all.  Alcoholism, drug addiction, loss, grief, sorrow, anger, and pain are all symptoms of this darkness.

Is it a feel good movie?  No, but you will probably feel better about it at the end.  Not because it is over, but because of how it ended.

The film is about a hero pilot (Denzel Washington) who crash-lands a doomed plane like no other pilot could.  The pilot has a drug and alcohol problem and is therefore under investigation to decide whether or not he was the root cause of the plane going down.

Some parts of the film were hard to watch.  It all got a little bit more intense than I had anticipated and that caught me by surprise.  This was not a bad thing, but it is hard to enjoy watching appalling scenes in a movie and feel good about them.  These scenes would not have been so hard to watch if they had not been depicted so well.  That being said, the severe moments were very necessary to the rest of the movie and kudos to the cast and director for making them so powerful.


Robert Zemeckis did a wonderful job directing Flight.  The flying sequences in the movie were remarkable, but the performances by the all-star cast were what really made the film.

Denzel Washington supplied his best acting since American Gangster (2007) or Déjà vu (2006).  The raw emotion and realism that he brought to his character is enough in itself for me to recommend that you watch this film.

flight washington rain

Don Cheadle and Bruce Greenwood were both at the top of their game.

Although he played such a skuzzy character, John Goodman portrayed that character very well.

Each actor and actress played so well off of the other that it seemed to bring their acting ability to its highest potential.

Even though some parts of the film were very extreme, I think that it is absolutely worth the watch.

I rate this movie an 8 on a scale of 1-10.

Buy, rent, or run?  Buy.

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flight upside down plane


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  1. I missed this one in theaters, but it sounds pretty sweet. I never really liked Denzel too much, except in remember the titans.


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