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Rest in Peace James Winspear “Bompa”, My Grandfather

Grandpa at Casino

Rest in Peace James Winspear “Bompa”, My Grandfather


My Grandpa Jim passed away last night in Mesa, Arizona.  He was 90 years old.

He and my Grandma Louise “Babalou” were married for over 50 years and now they are reunited for eternity.

We love you.

We miss you.

One day, we will see you again.

Grandpa and Brock


Rest in Peace Logan Winspear, My Brother

Logan by Tree

Rest in Peace Logan Winspear

My brother died 14 years ago today.  He was only 19 years old.  He had his whole life ahead of him.

His death has left a gaping hole in my life.  My entire family shattered.  I know that all of our lives would be completely different if he were still alive today.

He was too young to realize what he was doing when he took his own life.

Even 14 years later, it’s still just as hard without him in my life.  I was 13 years old when he passed away and now he has been gone for longer than I knew him.  It was another lifetime ago.  That’s a very sad thought.

I miss my brother.

You are gone, but I will never forget you.  You will always be a part of me.  You are always in my thoughts, my dreams, my memories, and my heart.

Thank you for being who you were.  I love you.