Teaser Trailer for Gravity (2013)

Gravity Poster

Gravity (2013) (Click the title for my full review.)

Houston we have a problem, again.  This time George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are out in space and something has gone terribly wrong.

The movie is written and directed by Alfonso Cuaron.

The special effects look amazing.  I’ll probably have to catch this at some point.  What do you think?

The film is set to release on 10/4/13.


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  1. I love these kind of movies. hope it is as good as it seems

  2. true, but maybe it would give an idea as to what it’s about 🙂

    • Exactly : ) Sometimes the teaser is not enough. Sometimes the trailer is way too much. It probably is pretty hard to find that comfortable in between somewhere sometimes.

  3. yep. teasers are only good for movies like Star Wars or Star Trek where you know stuff already 🙂
    I hate watching trailers close to when I see the movie since it can ruin it, but watching a trailer 6 months beforehand doesn’t bother me at all

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