Rest in Peace James Winspear “Bompa”, My Grandfather

Grandpa at Casino

Rest in Peace James Winspear “Bompa”, My Grandfather


My Grandpa Jim passed away last night in Mesa, Arizona.  He was 90 years old.

He and my Grandma Louise “Babalou” were married for over 50 years and now they are reunited for eternity.

We love you.

We miss you.

One day, we will see you again.

Grandpa and Brock


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Structure Therapist and Film Critic

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  1. dunno if “like” here is a good thing. 😦

    May he rest in peace. Sorry for your loss

  2. Sorry for your loss Brock.

  3. I just heard about your grandfather’s passing from a church friend and started searching for info online and came upon your site. Jim was my husband’s bishop when we got married way back in 1980. I used to accompany him when he sang solos in the old Minneapolis ward. Also recruited him for the ward choir when I was the director. So loved him and Louise! Looking forward to a grand reunion some day. Sheila Anderson Bruce

  4. Chris Winspear

    Brock – I was searching the internet for something specific about my dad when after passing many unrelated James Winspear links I caught the word “Bompa” out of the corner of my eye. I thought of you and Rindy before I even realized it was your website. Nice tribute nephew. He was proud of the young man you have become. I look forward to seeing you soon.

    • Thanks for commenting, Chris! I hope things are as good as they can be with you. I’m sure that there will be tons of people there this weekend, but it always saddens me how it takes a death for family to come together. He left his family a legacy of love and respect. It will be nice to see everyone, but it’s too bad that it’s under these circumstances.

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