Robot & Frank (2012)

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Robot & Frank (2012)

In the near future an aging retired thief (Frank Langella) receives a robot from his son (James Marsden) that can help assist him with cooking, cleaning, and chores around the house.  The thief decides to come out of retirement when he realizes that the robot can assist him in other things like stealing.

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The casting of Marsden, Liv Tyler, and Susan Surandon are all pretty much after thoughts in Robot & Frank.  The true stars of the show are in fact, the giant Lego man-like Robot and Frank Langella.  The movie is witty and original.  The interaction between Langella and the Robot (voiced by Peter Sarsgaard) is priceless.

The advancement of robot technology that is depicted in the film makes me wish that I had a robot to help me with my everyday chores around the house.  The robots that are in the movie seem so real that they make me believe that this could one day be a possibility.

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Obviously if robots were truly capable of what is seen in the movie, then everybody and their mother would own one by now.  They would be flying off of shelves like bottled water after forecasted news of impending doom from an upcoming natural disaster.  The fact that Robot & Frank takes place in the future is a contributing factor in why the viewer is able to suspend their disbelief that robots are not able to do what is seen on screen.  We do not know what the future holds and therefore cannot question technological advances in robotic technology that is portrayed in the film.  In fact, the movie itself plays on the excitement of guessing what robots of the future could be like.

I hope that the improvements of technology in general that are shown in the film are one day possible.  This would make the world a better and more fun place to live.

Bravo to this truly unique film.  It was a little slow at times, but amusing to watch.  I had a blast!

I rate this movie a 7.5 out of 10.

Buy, rent, or run?  Rent.

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