Oblivion (2013)

Oblivion Poster

Oblivion (2013)

With Tom Cruise in the driver’s seat of this Sci-fi thriller, all that he has to do is do what he does best, act.  Forget about his crazy private life.  He may have had a lot of drama with his marriages (jumping on Oprah’s couch and whatnot, etc., etc.) and his religious beliefs (Scientology) may seem a bit weird, but lets face the facts.  The guy can act and he can act well.  He is one of the most solid actors of our time and he still draws a crowd.  Tom gets comfortable in his character, hits “Cruise Control” and all of the viewers in the audience are in for a treat.  He proves it time and time again that he is highly capable of carrying the majority of a movie on his back.  Oblivion is no exception.  In fact, the majority of Oblivion is Tom Cruise in one way or another.

Oblivion Cruise Drivers seat

After the world has been virtually destroyed by nuclear war and natural disasters, a couple (Tom Cruise and Andrea Riseborough) become part of “the cleanup crew” to help salvage the remaining natural resources that the world has to offer.  They are also there to protect their mission and make sure that it runs smoothly.  After a while things may not be what they seem.

I am not a huge fan of a lot of Sci-fi movies.  Many Sci-fi movies these days are filled with so much special effects that they make the movie seem totally fake.  I do not watch movies simply for the special effects.  I enjoy Sci-fi movies where the special effects are tastefully done to the point where it doesn’t take away from the movie.  The film also has to have an interesting plot, solid characters that can act, and a well written script and story to tie it all together nicely.  Oblivion fulfilled all of my requirements of a great Sci-fi movie quite nicely.

Joseph Kosinski does a superb job of writing and directing Oblivion.

The special effects are not overdone.  They are beautiful and awesome and some of the greatest that I have seen, but they are not too much.

Oblivion Cruise chilling

The film does not have too many characters in it and that is okay.  Tom Cruise is great as always, and everybody else is as good as they can be.  Andrea Riseborough, Olga Kurylenko, Morgan Freeman, Melissa Leo, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau all performed to the best of their abilities with what they had to work with.

Oblivion Freeman group

The plot had many twists and turns which made it very entertaining.  The story itself was very original.  However, a little bit of the movie was hard to follow and I left the theatre scratching my head.  I love movies that really make you think as you put each piece of the story together.  I figured out the gist of it, but I felt like it could have been explained a little better.  That was one of the only problems that I had with the movie.

Oblivion Riseborough

Given that I am not much of a Sci-fi fan, I was very pleasantly surprised by how good Oblivion was.  It is definitely worth seeing in the theatre and because of the excellent special effects, it will certainly be better on the big screen.

Oblivion Clouds

I rate this movie an 8 on a scale of 1-10.

Buy, rent, or run?  Buy.


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  1. David M. Green

    Going to see a movie has become so expensive these days that I won’t bother seeing a movie on the big screen unless it has plenty of special effects.

    • I can understand that David. When it’s digital on the big screen or even 3D, it helps make the investment seem worth it whether the movie is good or bad. I appreciate the comment David. Thank you!

  2. Good review. 🙂 Although your review was nicer than mine… Especially about Tom Cruise.

    • Thank you table9. I just read your review also. It was a hard movie to rate, but it definitely kept me entertained and didn’t get too over the top. You mentioned how the use of Morgan Freeman was a waste in the movie. I am a big Freeman fan, but I have to say he is really starting to show his age. I think this has finally showed the most in Olympus Has Fallen. He has always been an excellent character actor, but I think his characters are going to start having less and less screen time. His superstar status continues to help bring in crowds and he is popping up in everything. But, he really hasn’t actually been in much of any film that he has acted in recently. I think he is trying to go out with a bang but with a bunch of smaller roles.

      • Yeah – Morgan Freeman is getting up there in years. :-/ I suppose the last big role was in The Bucket List? It’s a shame – I’d happily watch any movie he’s the main star in.

      • The Magic of Belle Isle (2012) he was the main star, but I never saw the movie. But, I think you’re right about The Bucket List as the last big role. I liked that one a lot.

  3. David M. Green

    My wife and I went to see Oblivion Sunday afternoon and I loved it. Not only is it one of the absolute best science fiction movies I’ve seen in long long time but the absolute best Tom Cruise movie I’ve ever seen. The special effects were top notch, the story was excellent and like a good book it kept me in suspense wondering what was going on until the end as it revealed the back story bit by bit and two surprise endings that had me tearing up. I’ll definitely be buying this movie to watch over and over again on Blu Ray when it comes out.

    • Thanks for commenting David! I really enjoyed Oblivion. The story really did pull you in. I didn’t figure everything out until the very end. It was kind of a brain teaser. You really can’t go wrong with Tom Cruise.

      • David M. Green

        Your welcome. Oblivion had all of the elements a really good story should have but I really liked this concept the best: You can take a man out of humanity but you can’t take humanity out of a man. Our humanity is the key and acts like a nucleus that holds all of the other elements: Love, Loyalty, Friendship etc. together in their proper place.

      • I totally agree. That did make the movie more enjoyable.

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