Movie Picture of the Day 8/9/13

Beautiful Girls Portman Hutton

Natalie Portman and Timothy Hutton have a slightly awkward friendship in the dysfunctional dramedy Beautiful Girls (1996).


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  1. Natalie was young here! I would enjoy hearing about the film from you. Did you like it? Is it worth watching? I have always been a Timothy Hutton fan since ‘Ordinary People’. 🙂

    • Yeah just like in Heat and Leon: The Professional. I did enjoy Beautiful Girls. It’s has a surprisingly great cast. It’s a quirky “dysfunctional” romantic comedy. Definitely worth watching. It’s fun to see the cast in their earlier roles. It’s one of those movies with multiple intertwining stories. I think you would enjoy it. I love Hutton. Ordinary People was excellent. He is really the main character in Beautiful Girls.

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