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Trailer for Welcome to the Punch (2013)

welcome to the punch poster

Welcome to the Punch (2013)

The idea of James McAvoy and Mark Strong in an action movie is fascinating, especially when Ridley Scott is the executive producer.

Strong plays a wanted criminal and McAvoy is the man trying to take him down.

The film looks like it will be filled with some entertaining action, but may be lacking something.  Has this story been told too many times?  If Ridley Scott had also directed the film then maybe it would look more intriguing.

It is set to release on 3/27/13.


Trailer for Not Another Celebrity Movie (2013)

Not Another Celebrity Movie

Not Another Celebrity Movie (2013)

A whole movie made up of impersonators of real actors.  They made a movie about people pretending to be famous actors.  It’s worth watching the trailer to see the celebrity look-alikes.  The trailer is funny and tacky at the same time.  It’s Scary Movie (2000) meets Not Another Teen Movie (2001).

I think it’s funny how they list the cast at the end of the preview as:

NOT Charlie Sheen

NOT George Clooney

NOT Brad Pitt

NOT Donald Trump

NOT Angelina Jolie

NOT Tom Cruise

NOT Robert De Niro

NOT Lady Gaga

NOT Johnny Depp

NOT Justin Bieber

NOT Mark Zuckerberg

NOT Kanye West

NOT Kim Kardashian

NOT Usher

NOT Paris Hilton

NOT Zach Galifianakis

NOT Ashton Kutcher

NOT 007

NOT Oprah

The movie will probably not be any good.  What do you think?