Evil Dead (2013)

Evil Dead Poster

Evil Dead (2013)

I have not seen the original film that this movie is a remake of, The Evil Dead (1981).  I hardly knew anything about this movie before watching it, except that it was about dead people that come back to life and are evil; go figure right?

Evil Dead Girl Screaming

A young woman with a drug problem goes to a remote cabin in the woods.  Her brother and 3 of their friends join her to show support as she tries to quit her addiction.  Unknowingly the woods had recently become haunted by evil spirits.  They find a book in the cabin that causes each one of them to be possessed by demons.  Eventually they are all desperately fighting for their lives.

The movie is directed by Fede Alvarez, and the noteworthy cast includes Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, and Elizabeth Blackmore.

Evil Dead Cave

This film is the epitome of what it wrong with the horror movie genre today.  Instead of trying to be scary with a well thought out story and quality filmmaking and acting, this movie relies solely on blood and guts entirely for the shock value.

Evil Dead Blood Vomit

The story is ludicrous and hardly tries to make sense.  It seems like its only intention is to try to depict evil and death.  If that is in fact the only point of the film, then they were successful.  There is a lot of evil and there is a lot of death.  So much so, that it all becomes laughable and you just want the movie to end so that the suffering stops; the suffering of both the characters in the film and the viewers.

Evil Dead Crawling with knife

The acting was awful because it appears like they spent all of their money on the gory special effects and didn’t have any left over to pay for a decent cast.  The only thing that this movie has going for it is how disturbingly grotesque and realistic the special effects are.  However, the bloody special effects help this movie to be the true definition of a “slasher” film.

This horror movie does not scare, it tortures.  It will probably easily be the bloodiest movie of the year and maybe even so far this century.  If you enjoy gut-wrenching dismemberment and more liquids exiting the human body than it can actually hold, then this movie is for you.

Evil Dead Girl in Cellar

I rate this movie a 0 on a scale of 1-10.

Buy, rent, or run?  Run far away and hide.  Save your time, money, and dignity.


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