Top 10 (err…13) Movies that I saw in Theatres in 2012

Top 10 (err…13) Movies that I saw in Theatres in 2012

My ratings are on a scale of 1-10.



1.  Ted (2012).  My rating: 9


2.  The Dark Knight Rises (2012).  My rating: 9

3Jack Reacher (2012).  My rating: 9

4.  Skyfall (2012).  My rating: 8.5


5.  Contraband (2012).  My rating: 8.5


6.  End of Watch (2012).  My rating: 8.5


7.  Looper (2012). My rating: 8.5


8.  Lincoln (2012).  My rating: 8


9.  Men in Black 3 (2012).  My rating: 8


10.  Total Recall (2012).  My rating: 8


11.  Lawless (2012).  My rating: 8


12.  21 Jump Street (2012).  My rating: 8


13.  The Dictator (2012).  My rating: 8

Note: Hugo (2011), and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) would have both been on this list, but I didn’t count them because they were filmed in 2011.  That being said, 21 Jump Street and The Dictator would have been knocked off of the list.

I also saw the Dark Knight Trilogy in the theatre on the same night of the tragic theatre shooting.  I was not about to count Batman Begins (2005) or The Dark Knight (2008) as a part of my 2012 list.


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  1. I agree on a lot of these choices, but Ted at #1?! I mean, I love me a little Mark Wahlberg. For example: The Other Guys and The Departed. But I thought Ted was a let down! Dark Knight on the other hand, i saw in theaters three times and wow. Dark Knight is the people’s champ (in my mind) 🙂


    • I don’t know, Ted just tickled my funny bone. I could not stop laughing both times that I saw it. Watching the extras on blu ray, what they did witht he bear was amazing. It is not an apples to apples comparison to try to compare Ted to The Dark Knight Rises. In my opinion, Ted was the funniest movie of the year. On the other hand The Dark Knight Rises was pretty awesome and probably the best Action movie of the year. I still like Batman Begins better, but The Dark Knight Rises was very solid. Ted would never win Best Picture and they probably would not give it to a Batman movie either, but The Dark Knight Rises would have a better chance of winning. Nobody gives comedy enough credit in my mind, but you still can’t compare the two types.

  2. Ted better than TDKR and Skyfall, guess you liked it then? I did too and you’re right to point out its not apples for apples, and comedy never gets the credit it deserves.

    • I loved the addition of Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to the batman series. Skyfall was excellent, but not quite as good as Casino Royale. That being said, they were both sequels to an ongoing series of movies. Ted was unique and original. As much as I love Bond and Batman and all of the performances from the actors in those movies, they are still sequels. Quite honestly, I’m getting tired of sequels and reboots. That being said how many sequels and reboots were on my list? A lot actually when you think about it. Hollywood takes one good idea and bleeds it over and over again for all that it is worth. 2012 had a lot of well made sequels. Not too many original well made movies though. I rate a comedy based on how much it made me laugh and still how well made it was. I appreciate your comment too, because you really can’t compare 2 different genres equally. That is where it becomes hard when you make up a list like this. You really have to consider the type of movie that you are rating and keep it in that category. Funniest movie of the year should get a high rating. Best action movie of the year should get a high rating. Best drama=high rating. Etc. etc. Did I like TDKR better than Skyfall? Yes. That is a good comparison. Ted better than The Dictator? Yes. Another good comparison. Lincoln was a better film, but got the same rating as Dictator. Bad comparison? Yes. Thank you for reading! Thank you for the comments! Thank you for your time! : )

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